2 Day Itinerary for Udaipur

Are you on your Rajasthan trip and have decided to include Udaipur in your vacation? Or perhaps you have only 2 days for a trip and Udaipur is your go-to destination. This 2-day itinerary for Udaipur is bound to make your trip to the city memorable and help you navigate through all the places that you wish to check out in the city.

Day 1 - Walk and Explore 

If you wish to explore Udaipur in 2 days, begin with a tour of the City Palace Complex. The grand opulence of the Mewars can be seen reflected on the beautiful paintings, intricate courtyards and the serene views of the Lake Pichola. The palace looks like a fort from outside and is built with marble, the architecture of the palace is a beautiful blend of the Rajput and Mughal style of architecture.

Next walk to the Jagdish Temple that is a 400 year temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The complex is 400 years old and the pillars are filled with carvings that tell the story of the creation of the universe.

View of a City Palace - Udaipur
Inside view of Chittorgarh Fort

After exploring the temple you may stop and have lunch for it will have taken you hours to cover both of these sites. Begin your journey again by visiting the Gangaur Ghat that is a short walk away from the Jagdish Temple; here unwind and rest as you soak in the essence of the city. If you are tired you may spend a relaxing evening here or go to the Bagore Ki Haveli that houses several royal artefacts and watch the Groomer performance that is conducted every evening.

Day 2 - A Packed Itinerary

Start your last day in Udaipur by visiting the Jagmandir, you will have to take about to reach this palace situated on one of the islands on Lake Pichola. This place was the summer palace and retreat for the rulers of Udaipur and today is a luxury hotel. Walk around the gardens after passing by the elephants carved out of marble and then check out to Jag Niwas. 

Jag Niwas is another palace on the lake and is made out of white marble. The palace gained popularity after Octopussy, a James Bond film, was shot here.

View of Monsoon Palace Udaipur
View of the city from our rooftop restaurant in Udaipur - The Sierra, Udaipur

The third destination on your list should be the Monsoon Palace also known as the Sajjangarh Fort. The fort is perched on a hill on the Aravalli range and provides breathtaking views of the city. Enjoy mesmerising views from this fort right before sunset for a relaxing end to your day.

Alternatively, you could visit Saheliton Ki Bari, meaning the Garden of Maidens. This place was built for the princesses of the royal family and features beautiful gardens, ornate pavilions, and fountains.

Check out the local cafes after sunset and explore the markets and streets of Udaipur. Buy a souvenir or two in the form of local handicrafts to take a piece of the city back home with you.

When in Udaipur, choose The Sierra - By The Lake for your stay. For a perfect evening, enjoy a delicious dinner along with cocktails at Soul, the rooftop cafe and bar perched on top of the hotel. After a lavish dinner unwind in one of the themed rooms at this boutique hotel located beside The Lake Pichola. This is one of the best hotels in the city for a luxurious and serene stay that offers picturesque views of one of the most famous lakes in Udaipur.