Best Time To Visit Udaipur

Rajasthan is renowned for being a hot and dry place but the magnificent castles, forts and rich history draws scores of tourists to its cities every year. Udaipur is one of the most visited cities in Rajasthan and is also known as the Venice of India due to its romantic nature and shimmering lakes. If you are wondering what the best time to travel to Udaipur is, worry no more.

July to September 

The arid landscape of the city is transformed under grey clouds and greenery during monsoon. This is the best time to go to Udaipur if you wish to witness the lakes in the city fill up with water again after a harsh summer. The views of the Aravalli hills are breathtaking as they are shrouded by monsoon clouds. This is considered off-season so you should be able to find better deals and a lesser crowd than usual.

Nature with a small steam running on the left and greenery and hills in the background
Edge view of Lake Pichola

October to March 

Winter in Udaipur is perfect for exploring its majestic palaces, tranquil lakes, and vibrant markets without the summer heat. The weather is temperate during the afternoon and is cold only during the peak winter months. During this season you can explore the palaces and forts bathed in a golden hue of the sun. Enjoy boat rides on Lake Pichola during this season for a soothing vacation and then spend the evening drinking a hot cup of tea to enjoy the light chill that blankets the city after dusk. 

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